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Superior Ultraman 8 Brothers

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Ultraman Nexus The Series

Ultraman Nexus (ウルトラマンネクサス ,Urutoraman Nekusasu?) adalah salah satu seri Ultraman produksi Tsuburaya Productions dan Chubu-Nippon Broadcasting. Seri ini merupakan seri ke-18 Seri Ultra sekaligus seri ke-21 Ultraman hasil produksi Tsuburaya. Jaringan televisi Tokyo Broadcasting System menayangkannya dari tanggal 2 Oktober 2004 sampai 25 Juni 2005 dengan jumlah keseluruhan sebanyak 37 episode.

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Ultraman Tiga The Series [1996]

Ultraman Tiga (ウルトラマンティガ, Urutoraman Tiga) is a Japanese tokusatsu TV show and is the 11th show in the Ultra Series. Produced by Tsuburaya Productions, Ultraman Tiga was aired at 6:00 pm and aired between September 7, 1996 to August 30, 1997, with a total of 52 episodes with 4 movies (3 being crossovers, 1 a direct sequel to the series) After a franchise hiatus of over 15 years, set in a universe different from all previous series and updated with a new look and feel. Tiga is the first Ultraman with multiple combat modes and non-red colors. It was one of the popular entries in the Ultra Series. Because of Tiga's popularity, he had more exposure on TV and movies than any other Heisei Ultraman. Ultraman Tiga was also dubbed in English by 4Kids Entertainment and broadcast in the United States as part of the Fox Box programming block on Fox Broadcasting Company affiliates, the third Ultra Series to air in the United State

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Ultraman Tiga The Movie: Final Odissey [2000]

Ultraman Tiga: The Final Oddysey was sort of an epilogue of the Ultraman Tiga series. Just when we thought that the world is safe, it's under attack again! A TPC excursion (including GUTS' Captain Megumi Iruma) headed to an old ruins and unintentionally woke up three evil ancient giants whom Daigo, later on, has visions of. What's so haunting about his visions is that they're not only three but four evil giants, including Ultraman Tiga in a very dark physique and a very evil aura. After a series of visions, Daigo was able to meet the three evils who beat him up and left the Black Spark Lens to him. Later on, the ultimate battle begins in the ancient ruins. Daigo as Ultraman Tiga, who is supposed to be the warrior of light, must use his powers, however dark, in order to defeat the three evils.

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Ultraman Mebius & Ultraman Brothers [2006]

Ultraman Mebius & Ultraman Brothers (Ultraman Mebius & Ultra Brothers) (ウルトラマンメビウス&ウルトラ兄弟, Urutoraman Mebiusu ando Urutora Kyōdai?) is Ultraman Mebius theatrical film adaptation, was released in Japan on September 16, 2006. It is the 10th original film series in the Ultraman franchise, it also celebrates the 40th anniversary of the franchise. The movie peaked at 3rd in the Japanese box offices.

20 years ago in Japan, the 4 Ultra brothers Ultraman, Seven, Jack, and Ace were fighting a deadly foe known as Yapool. The brothers were barely able to defeat Yapool but the monster still needed to be sealed. However, to seal Yapool away they were forced to give up the ability to transform, and took up jobs to be in the area of Kobe in case the monster ever returned.

20 years later Yapool is risen from the sea again by alien allied forces, and Mebius must fight the aliens and Yapool. But when Mebius is about to lose, the Ultra brothers come to aid Mebius in his battle against Yapool and the Aliens...

The setting of this movie takes place during the middle of the Mebius series. All members of Crew GUYS Japan are present in the movie, and Leo and 80 are not mentioned or shown. The actual placement of the movie in the order of the series is not explicitly given. The beginning of the movie's events is presumed to take place after the 80 series.

Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie [2009]

Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie (大怪獣バトル ウルトラ銀河伝説 THE MOVIE, Daikaijū Batoru Urutora Ginga Densetsu Za Mūbī) is a Japanese film in Tsuburaya Productions' 43 year old Ultra Series franchise, known for its star Ultraman. The film premiered in theaters on December 12, 2009, distributed by Warner Bros. Entertainment Japan. The catchphrase for the movie is "Recover the light of the galaxy!!" (とりもどせ!!銀河の光, Torimodose!! Ginga no hikari?). The film is also referred to as Large Monster: The Ultra Milky Way Legend. The film went on to gross $6,161,665 and become the second highest grossing Ultraman movie behind the previous year's entry.

The film opens up with a red orb of energy chasing after a blue orb of energy throughout space. Upon landing on a desert-like moon, the blue orb reveals itself to be the monster, Bemular. The red orb reveals itself to be Ultraman Mebius and the two face off. After a short battle, Ultraman Mebius destroys Bemular and returns to his home planet of the Land of Light (光の国, Hikari no Kuni?) in Nebula M78, where he is reunited with Ultraman, Zoffy, and Ultra Seven. The three ultras inform Mebius that "minus energy" has been plaguing several planets in the Universe lately, causing monsters across the universe to rampage for unexplained reasons.

Meanwhile on a Space Prison (宇宙牢獄, Uchū Rōgoku) (a.k.a. the Belial Prison (ベリアルプリズン, Beriaru Purizun)), Alien Zarab (disguised as Imitation Ultraman) tricks two guard Ultras and uses the Giga Battle Nizer (ギガバトルナイザー, Giga Batoru Naizā) to release an evil Ultraman known as Ultraman Belial (ウルトラマンベリアル, Urutoraman Beriaru). Alien Zarab declares an alliance with the evil Ultraman, but is quickly killed in cold blood. Ultraman Belial is then confronted by a squadron of Ultras lead by Ultraman Taro to stop him, but Belial easily shrugs them all off and fights with Taro himself, dragging him down to M78. Ultraman Belial is then confronted by all of the citizens of M78, but he easily brushes them all off and continues towards HQ, taking out Ultraman, Seven, Zoffy, Mebius, Jack, Ace, 80, and even both Ultra Father and Ultra Mother until finally he steals the Plasma Spark (プラズマスパーク, Purazuma Supāku): the ultimate source of power for the Ultras on the planet. Without its power, the Land of Light freezes over, as well as all of its denizens, (Ultraman and Ultra Seven survive by shielding themselves at the last moment.) Ultraman Belial then leaves the Land of Light with the Plasma Spark in hand and heads to the Monster Graveyard as Ultraman Taro saves the last amount of light to keep the planet alive. Meanwhile Ultraman Mebius, who was flung into space during Belial's raid, returns to the Land of Light to see that it has become a frozen wasteland. However, Ultraman and Ultra Seven inform Mebius of a helpful source, Rei, a Reionyx and the human form of Reimon.

Elsewhere, the ZAP SPACY after their battle against Alien Reiblood have now landed on an Earth-like Planet known as "Dent." However their visit is quickly interrupted by the appearance of the monster Zaragas, who appears before them in a meteorite. After a short battle using their weapons, Rei sends his Gomora to do battle against the monster and after some assistance by the ZAP SPACY, Zaragas is destroyed. Immediately afterwards, the ZAP SPACY is shocked by the sudden appearance of Ultraman Mebius, who takes Rei and teleports away before the ZAP SPACY can respond.

Rei is then confronted by Mirai, the human form of Ultraman Mebius. Mirai tells Rei the story of M78, and the Land of Light. Long ago, The Planet and its people were once very much like Earth until its sun went out and thus the planet faced destruction until the Plasma Spark was created, it is revealed that the Plasma Spark acts like an artificial sun for the planet and that it also transformed all of its citizens into the Ultra Warriors. Mirai then explains the story of Ultraman Belial: Before his current state, Belial was tempted into owning the power of the Plasma Spark for himself, but was visibly scarred by its energy and was banished by the Ultra Warriors for endangering the planet. In the deep recesses of space he met Alien Reiblood who fuses with Belial, transforming him into the evil Ultra he is now and acting as his consciousness. During Belial's first raid on the Land of Light called the Belial Revolt (ベリアルの乱, Beriaru no Ran), he nearly conquers the planet with an army of monsters until he was confronted by Ultraman King. Ultraman Belial was sealed away in a prison made to hold him, his army was destroyed, and the Giga Battle Nizer was sealed away in a Valley of Fire. Mirai then asks for Rei's assistance now that Belial has returned, and Rei agrees to help. Meanwhile after fleeing M78, Ultraman Belial hides in the Monster Graveyard and uses the Giga Battle Nizer to resurrect and control 100 Ultra Monsters to fight the Ultra Warriors.

Rei and Mirai soon land on the frozen surface of the Land of Light, and begin to journey to the Plasma Spark Tower to reunite with Ultraman and Ultra Seven. However, the duo are suddenly ambushed by the sudden appearances Dorako, Bemstar, and Saramandora, all lead by an Alien Shaplay, whom was sent by Ultraman Belial to stop them from reaching the Tower. During the fight, Mirai's Medium Brace is damaged by Alien Shaplay and Rei nearly loses his Battle Nizer, but luckily Shin Hayata (Ultraman's human form) and Dan Moroboshi (Ultra Seven's human form) arrive to briefly stop Alien Shaplay; Rei rescues his Battle Nizer and Dan's Capsule Monsters: Windam, Miclas, and Agira fight and destroy Belial's monsters as the four heroes continue to venture to the Spark Tower.

During the Journey, Hayata and Mirai suggest calling out to an unknown person believed to have limitless potential, but Dan refuses. Like Belial, the person was also tempted into owning the Plasma Spark but was stopped by Ultra Seven and reluctantly banished from the Land of Light as well. In reality the person, for now known as "Zero" was sent to train with Ultraman Leo on a desert planet while wearing training armor known as the Techtor Gear Zero (テクターギア・ゼロ, Tecutā Gia Zero). Zero is more reliant on physical strength and appears to be stubborn, although it is revealed he does have a sense of justice as he befriends a Pigmon on the planet where he is training.

The heroes soon reach the Spark Tower and prepare to reunite with Ultraman Taro, but Alien Shaplay returns seeking vengeance and sends another of Belial's monsters, Black King to stop the heroes. Rei sends Gomora to battle against Black King while the Ultra Brothers face off against Alien Shaplay inside the Tower. Ultimately, Alien Shaplay plunges to his death and Gomora destroys Black King in short order. Using the last of his remaining power, Ultraman Taro gives his energy to Hayata, Dan, and repairs Mirai's Medium Brace, allowing the three Ultras to transform once again. Rei joins up with them and together the heroes journey to face off against Ultraman Belial in the Monster Graveyard.

Soon the Ultra Brothers, Gomora, Litra, and Rei all confront Ultraman Belial in the Monster Graveyard. After a failed attempt to turn Rei against the Ultra Brothers, Belial unleashes his 100-Monster Army to destroy them, Ultraman and Ultra Seven team up while Mebius and Gomora work together to retrieve the Plasma Spark. Rei transforms into Reimon to face off against some of Belial's alien minions and is victorious. Noticing that Rei is a Reiblood just like him, Belial continues to goad Reimon into joining him as they are both "brothers." After Reimon refuses again, Belial strikes Reimon with some negative Reiblood energy, transforming him into Reimon's out-of-control Burst Mode. Gomora transforms into Reionic Burst Mode as well, but with Belial having superior control over Reiblood energy, Burst Mode Reimon is brainwashed into attacking the Ultra Brothers instead and Gomora mortally wounds Ultra Seven.

Elsewhere in the Universe, the ZAP SPACY are searching for Rei but are suddenly ambushed by two more of Belial's monsters, Nurse and Alien Zetton. Suddenly, a man named Shin Asuka appears, fights, and defeats Alien Zetton. He reveals himself as Ultraman Dyna to the ZAP SPACY, he agrees to take them to the Monster Graveyard after destroying Nurse. Upon arriving in the Monster Graveyard, Ultraman Dyna tries to face off against Belial while the ZAP SPACY crew snaps Reimon out of his Burst Mode. After brushing off Dyna, Belial tries to kill the ZAP SPACY and Rei, but Ultra Seven takes the hit and collapses, but not before sending his Eye Slugger to the deep recesses of space.

Back on the Planet where Leo is training Zero, during their training Leo witnesses his pupil saving the life of his Pigmon friend and stops fighting. Both Leo and Ultraman King inform Zero that he saved the life of someone, the purpose of being an Ultraman, and they finally reveal to him that when he was exiled, Ultra Seven was actually saving his life by stopping him from touching the Plasma Spark, otherwise he would've ended up just like Ultraman Belial. Suddenly, Ultra Seven's Eye Slugger appears before them as an S.O.S. Ultraman King finally reveals that Zero is actually the son of Ultra Seven, Ultraman Zero (ウルトラマンゼロ, Urutoraman Zero). Redeemed and now freed from his armor, Ultraman Zero takes off to the Monster Graveyard to confront Ultraman Belial.

Upon arriving, Ultraman Zero quickly retrieves his father's body, but is too late as Ultra Seven dies in his arms. Infuriated and fueled with potential, Ultraman Zero destroys the remaining monsters of Belial's Monster Army and faces off with Ultraman Belial himself. After a long and vicious battle, Ultraman Zero disarms Belial of the Giga Battle Nizer and defeats Ultraman Belial with ease, knocking him into a river of molten lava and seemingly destroying him. Ultraman Leo and Astra soon reunite with the other Ultras in attendance and prepare to take the Plasma Spark back to the Land of Light.

Suddenly, all the monsters of Belial's Army suddenly reappear as ghosts and they all dive into the Lava where Belial had fallen before. They all soon re-emerge, combined to form the gigantic Beryudora (ベリュドラ, Beryudora) with Ultraman Belial as its brain. All the Ultras in attendance (Ultraman, Leo, Astra, Dyna, Mebius, and Zero), Rei, EX Gomora, and the ZAP SPACY crew all work together to try and stop Beryudora, but the gargantuan monster of monsters stands up to them all and shrugs off all of their attacks. Rei then notices the Giga Battle Nizer, attempting to take control of Belial's monsters with his own Battle Nizer, Beryudora is immobilized from the monsters revolting against Belial. This allows Ultraman Zero to use the Plasma Spark's energy to give him enough power to destroy Ultraman Belial once and for all, even though he claims he is immortal. After the combined forces off the Ultras, the ZAP SPACY, and Ultraman Zero's power, Beryudora explodes and the Giga Battle Nizer follows close behind.

The Plasma Spark is returned to the Land of Light, restoring the planet's life and saving the people of M78. The ZAP SPACY crew become the first humans to ever set foot on the Land of Light and after saying their goodbyes to Hayata and Mirai, Asuka decides to join the ZAP SPACY crew on their adventure. Ultraman Zero is reunited with his revived father Ultra Seven, and Ultraman King warns the population of Ultras that while they have just overcome a major crisis, there are likely more to come, and they must all work together to protect the galaxy.

Elsewhere, Ultraman Belial's lifeless body who survived the destruction of Beryudora is seen with his eyes lighting up with life...

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